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Gay Palm Springs Real Estate - Harry Sterling - Making Client Satisfaction Your Reality
Home Loans                        

Home loans are often one of the easiest loan options available.  Most often, the loan is for a new home or is a line-of-credit or second mortgage against an existing home for renovations or other short term financial need.  Typically when obtaining a home loan, you either, already own a home and are borrowing against your equity; or are in the process of purchasing a new home. This article will explore some of the financing options that are available in either situation.

 Letís start by assuming that you do not own a home and you are applying for your mortgage. Mortgages are one aspect of the home buying process that should be researched in every aspect. The kind of mortgage that you obtain will play a very large part in your financial future, so be sure to get the best deal you can find. Don't be afraid to be choosy with mortgages as there are many that don't favor the homeowner, but rather the lender. This should never be the case. A mortgage should be designed to help the borrower fulfill the loan, not to fill the lender's pockets. Be careful of no down payment programs as some of them can require a huge lump sum payment down the road. There are a number of "suspicious" loans and lenders out there, so be sure to do your homework for both the loan and the lender before you agree to sign anything.

 Now, taking out a home owner's line of credit or a second mortgage is quite different. With both of these loan options the amount of the loan is secured by the home's equity. This results in great low interest rates on the loan. These loans are perfect for the home owner who wants to do some renovations to their home. The line of credit works in the same fashion as a credit card, but without the plastic, and the interest us often deductible on your taxes. The line-of-credit is great for renovations as there is flexibility in the loan (use it as you need it), allowing for any extra costs that may spring up during renovations. The 2nd mortgage is also a great option for home upgrades but it is not as flexible as the line of credit as it is a loan for a certain amount, unlike the line of credit with is a loan up to a certain amount. The bottom line for home loans is simply to be knowledgeable and understand the terms of the loan.  No question is a dumb question!  If you donít understand part of the loan details, ask about it until you understand it.  Do your homework and investigate your options beforehand so that there are no surprises down the road. Check out these other great real estate resources:Coppell Real Estate
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