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Gay Palm Springs Real Estate - Harry Sterling - Making Client Satisfaction Your Reality

Great Ways To Improve The Value of Your Home       

1. Hardwood or Laminate Flooring - Both hardwood and laminate flooring is extremely popular right now and will probably be so for some some time to come. It is much easier to keep clean than carpet and may add thousands to the value of your home.

2. Tile Accents - Tiling in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen as opposed to linoleum is not only visually impressive, but easier to keep clean. Also tile accents around the fireplace and front door are a great touch. If you don't have a fireplace add a small "firebox."  These are beautiful little all in one fireplace that simply plug into the wall.

3. Decks & Porches - Is the old deck a little run down? If so maybe itís time for a resurfacing and a coat of paint. Decks and porches are a huge selling feature so they should be in tip top shape. If the deck is wood, a good power washing will do wonders for its appearance, after that, re-varnish and seal it to protect the wood.

 4. Paint - This can apply to both the interior and exterior. If any of the rooms in your home a feeling a little drab, why not spice them up with some new paint. Itís a good idea to not be too adventurous with the colors if you are planning to sell the home; neutral colors are best. On the exterior, new paint can make a world of difference. A new coat of paint can greatly improve the appearance of a home.

 5. Landscaping - Landscaping it vital to the appearance of your home. If there are bushes and trees in front of your home, make sure they are property trimmed and not hiding the home? Could the gardens use a little TLC? There are few things that can make a home more inviting than a well manicured yard.

 6. General Cleanliness - This is one of the most important factors in the curb appeal of your home. A cluttered and untidy yard can cause potential buyers to move right past your home if the curb appeal is not up to par. You want people to be drawn into your home, to take notice and want to see more.

These things should be of great help in increasing your homeís value, for sale or just for your own pleasure. Don't forget that doing these things to your home will only improve the value of your investment in the long run.

Thanks to the following agents who contributed to the writing of this article!

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