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Gay Palm Springs Real Estate - Harry Sterling - Making Client Satisfaction Your Reality

Building Environmentally Sound Homes    

                As our planet continues to take more and more of a beating, there has been a real emergence of building environmentally conscious housing. In years past homes were constructed with materials that were not only damaging to the environment but as we eventually discovered, harmful to us as well. Prime examples of this were the use of things like lead based paint and piping and asbestos. These materials have caused an amazing amount of damage to the planet and to people's health.

Today the concept of constructing homes that are considerate to the planet has become more than an idea; it has become an absolute necessity. The focus of this movement is the construction of homes using recycled and renewable resources. It also focuses on clean power sources. These power sources have little to no negative impact on the environment as they harness the power of sun (solar power) and aim to reduce the amount of electrical and gas power needed to keep the home comfortable. Another great idea that is helping the environment is designing homes with efficient drainage which assists in the replenishing of ground water resources.

 Homes that are properly insulated require far less electricity to heat. The end result of this kind of building philosophy is that it will cost less for the owner to heat and maintain. However the most desirable result of these types of homes and policies is the reduced impact that construction is having on the environment and the planet. With the population on the rise and industry on the rise too, we as residents of this planet need to do everything in our power to ensure the safety and longevity of our habitat.

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